Best Practices = Better Returns

Helping retailers maximize space and improve profitability, merchandising fixture suppliers offer innovative ways to spotlight candy and snack items. Professional Candy Buyer, June 2009 ...
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Defend Against Organized Retail Theft

Organized Retail Theft, or ORT, is a problem that the FBI estimates has reached over $30 billion in annual losses. Professional shoplifters or boosters work in teams to steal valuable re-marketable products....
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Case Study AMT™ - Gerrity's Supermarket

In a joint effort with Gerrity's Supermarkets, Trion tested its AMT™ Adjustable Merchandising Tray in a real world environment. Download and read Progressive Grocer's interview with Ron Godowski of Gerrity's...
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Chilling Presentation

The refrigerated areas of a supermarket constitute some of the most valuable real estate in all of retailing. Here equipment manufacturers and retailers discuss effective refrigerated merchandising strategies....
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Display Cases Turn Green

Rising energy costs, attention to global sustainability and slim retail margins continue to drive retailer case investments and approaches to merchandising refrigerated products. Retailers are looking...
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Case Study WonderBar - Bashas

After in-store testing, Bashas' elects to install Trion WonderBar in every new store and major remodel in Candy, Gum, Cough Drop, and bagged Wall Deli Departments. Download and read Progressive Grocer's...
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In-Store: EWT Green Fixtures Study

Your choice of fixtures can affect your energy efficiency. See how the installation of EWT Shelf Management dividers and spring-fed pushers increased both merchandising efficiency and cooler efficiency....
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New Cooler Cases, New Benefits

Today's energy efficient display cases and advanced merchandising options offer better packout, visibility, customer appeal, and overall profitability. Read about some of the latest designs and trends...
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Progressive Grocer: Promote Sales at the Shelf Edge

Progessive Grocer Mock Cover created as a sales promotion for trade show distribution. Features signage, frozen, promo tag and shelf management solutions. ...
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Double Duty Loss Prevention

Loss prevention equipment is going beyond catching the misdeeds of shoppers and employees. Cameras, monitors and other devices are also helping to improve customer service and identify operational issues....
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