1 pc. All Wire Hooks

Display hooks can only display product and are without any provision for labels or signs. Peg Hook Overlay can convert All Wire Hooks to Scan Hooks. Fits various sizes of peg hooks. Flat front allows for secure placement of adhesive and paper labels.

Straight Cut All Wire Hook
The simplest All Wire Hook design.


Ball-End Safety Tip All Wire Hook
Safer, rounded Ball-End Tips are available on all Trion Hooks at no extra charge and no minimum order.


90° Ball End Safety Tip All Wire Hook
Available on standard and medium hooks only. 25,000 piece minimum.


Downturn Safety Tip All Wire Hook
Lessens exposure to straight-cut wire and provides added product retention. 25,000 piece minimum.

Hooks for Every Purpose
Ganchos Para Todo Próposito
Trion Fixture Handbook

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