Molded Pusher Paddle With Lock


Locking Molded Pusher Paddle

  • Load to release function
  • Easy locking and unlocking action
  • Lock design protects against accidental release effect
  • Will not accidently lock, insures ongoing auto feed
  • Color coded lock for easy identification
  • Handles heavier products
  • Greater strength and durability
  • Cooler/ freezer capable
  • Low friction / easy glide performance
  • Can accommodate up to three springs
  • Four engagement points for stability
  • Easy to retrofit to existing trays in store


Molded Pusher Paddle With Lock

Molded Pusher Paddle locks into place, when pushed backed, for easy restocking. Locked Molded Pusher Paddle easily releases after restocking with slightest push for auto-feeding of products and constant bill boarding appearance of products.

Molded Paddle Pusher With Lock  

Molded Pusher Paddle Without Lock

Locking feature, on Molded Pusher Paddle, can easily be removed and replaced with a plug for the same great benefits of any of Trion’s Molded Pusher Paddles.

Molded Paddle Pusher Without Lock

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