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New Anti-Sweep Hook Design: Radical upturned tip and camel-back profile creates a twisting, circuitous product path preventing Sweeping.

Grants Direct Access by Customers; but deters high-volume shoplifting by allowing only one product to be removed easily at a time. Customers can handle the product, read the packaging, and compare to other brands; yet shoplifters are deterred.

Level Front Staging Area: allows facing of a product for improved visibility and sales without any need for separate Inventory Control Clips. upturned tip insures positive retention of faced product.

Flip Scan® Label Holder: conveniently swings up and out of the way. Employs economical plain-paper labels. Saves up to 65% on labels and up to 75% on labor over expensive adhesive labels.

Solutions for Every Wall Surface: Available in a variety of backplate designs and hook profiles.

Loss prevention and loss control are important concepts in any modern retail business model. Shoplifting and pilferage are a serious drag on growth. Shrink and shrinkage reduce not only inventory but profit and cash flow. Organized Retail Theft (ORT) and shoplifting are not restricted to the worst neighborhoods and poorest segments of society. Middle class and even upper class shoppers can be prone to steal. Theft crosses all demographic boundaries. Anti-theft locking and security fixtures can play an important role in your operations.

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