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Browse the illustrated hooks below to look for hook styles visually and what name describes a hook that interests you. Then go to TrionEcom and path through the hook display surface you use to that hook. As an alternative, try a search on the hook name to find your fixture and what display surfaces it fits. Use longer or shorter variants of the name or key descriptive words to broaden or narrow your search.

ScanLock™ Anti-Theft
Scanning Hook Anti-Theft Lock easy-to-use inexpensive key-lock system secures most common scan hooks.
more info

Quick Back™ Scan Hooks
Lowest Price Two-Piece Straight Entry Hooks
more info

Flip Scan Hook
A Full Line of 1-and 2-piece Scan Hooks
more info

Pusher Hook
Self-fowarding Auto-facing
hooks for pegboard, slatwall
and bar merchandiser
more info

Expandable Wire Tray Wall Mount Unit Expandable Wire Tray Wall Mount
Pegboard and Slat Wall capable, Crossbar version available.
more info

EWT™ Anti-Theft Security Units
Allow only front-most item to be removed one-at-a-time preventing mass theft of many items.
more info

Attached Back Hooks

Single Lug Plastic Hooks

Plastic Hooks

Plastic Hooks for Corrugated

Loop Hooks

2-Piece Straight Entry Loop Hooks

2-Piece Straight Entry Hooks
(Tri-Lok / Tri-Scan / Steelback)

J-Hooks, Multiple Styles
(Metal, Plastic, Guarded)

Scanning J-Hooks, Multiple Styles
(Metal, Plastic, Guarded)

All Wire 1-Piece Scanning Hooks
(FISH™ Tip Design)

Flat Back 1-Piece Scanning Hooks
(FISH™ Tip Design)

Straight Entry 1-Pc Scan Hooks
(FISH™ Tip Design)

All Wire 1-Pc Scan Loop Hooks
(FISH™ Tip Design)

A.W.M.P. 1-Piece Hooks

2-Piece Straight Entry Scanning Hooks

2-Piece Straight Entry

2 Piece Straight Entry Safety Loop Hooks
(With or without Scan Arm)

Cross Bar Scanning Hooks

End Cap Scanning Hooks

Grid Scanning Hooks

Slat Wall Scanning Hooks

All Wire 1-Piece Metal Plate
Scanning Hooks

All Wire 1-Piece Metal Plate Scanning Loop Hooks

Straight Entry Metal Plate Scanning Hooks
(1-Piece and 2-Piece Designs)

Label Holders

Sign Holders

Wire Basket and Shelf
Angled Label Holders

Wire Basket and Shelf
Hanging Label Holders

Wire Basket Tags

Wire Basket Clips

Plastic Pushbuttons™,
Multiple Styles

Wall Tags, Multiple Styles

Sign Grip Clips, Multiple Styles

Hinged Talkers

Cross Bar Hooks
(Single Prong & Loop)

Cross Bar/End Cap Hooks

Grid Hooks
(Single Prong, Loop & Scanning)

Slat Wall Hooks
(Single Prong, Loop & Scanning)

Utility Hooks
(Multiple Designs)

Broom Hooks

Wire Fencing and Dividers

Inventory Control Clips

Garment Arms

Literature Pockets and Picture Frame Displayers

Pin-up Hooks

Merchandiser Strips, Multiple Styles

Perf Board Extender

Wire Form Components

Back Plate Components

Metal Plate Components

All Wire Hooks

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