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Only front-most item can be removed one-at-a-time, the balance of product is secure preventing mass theft while allowing customers to purchase a single item trouble free.

Auto Feed System forwards fresh product for next sale; items stay perfectly faced automatically, boosting sales.

Can be arranged for multiple facing displays, families of products and entire product lines can be protected.

Supports pricing, branding and cross selling with optional shelf-edge labeling system and paddle message capabilities.

Made-to-order to secure any size product. Standard sizes range from 5 to 12" wide, mini system from 3 to 6" wide.

Pegboard/Slatwall mount via Trion® Quick Back™ Backplates or Shelf mount via front rail and pushpins.

EWT™ Quick Back™ Backplate Catalog Download
Trion's Quick Back™ Backplate (included) allows mounting of EWT Security Units to standard pegboard and slatwall. Backplates available in plastic or metal.

Loss prevention and loss control are important concepts in any modern retail business model. Shoplifting and pilferage are a serious drag on growth. Shrink and shrinkage reduce not only inventory but profit and cash flow. Organized Retail Theft (ORT) and shoplifting are not restricted to the worst neighborhoods and poorest segments of society. Middle class and even upper class shoppers can be prone to steal. Theft crosses all demographic boundaries. Anti-theft locking and security fixtures can play an important role in your operations.

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