John S. Thalenfeld

President & CEO 1984-2024

John Thalenfeld, President & CEO

Born in Queens, New York, in 1956, John Thalenfeld has worked his way up the ranks at Trion Industries, first in 1972 as a packer, to the current President and CEO. Being the son of David Thalenfeld, John learned first hand experience working in the family’s 5 & dime store as a child, and later working directly under his father at newly formed Trion.

After attending New York University and Wilkes College, John was a moving force behind relocating the factory to Wilkes Barre PA, and has advanced an environmental stewardship and community and employee engagement agenda unique to Trion.

John passed away unexpectedly in February 2024. All who knew him, his corporate endeavors, and years of involvement in community charitable efforts mourn this unfathomable loss. The corporation’s officers, management, and employees pledge to carry on with all of John’s undertakings in his absence. John would want us to continue serving our customers and our community to the best of our abilities.