AMT® For Dairy, Freezer and Center Store

Tame Unruly Products

For dairy, freezer and center store: AMT is designed for yogurts, ice cream, pudding and gelatin cups, instant soup and noodle cups, tubs, bottles, and other difficult to organize products.

Small AMT
Adjusts from 2 11/16″ to 3 5/16″ wide for 4-6 ounce yogurt cups and similar small products.
Medium AMT
Adjusts from 3 5/16″ to 3 15/16″ wide for 5-6 ounce greek yogurt cups and mid-range offerings.
Large AMT
Adjusts from 4″ to 4 5/8″ wide for tub, pint, 1 1/2 pint, ice cream and large containers.

  • Built-in manual feed which quickly and conveniently forwards and faces product, then tucks out of sight into the tray.
  • Lift Out Trays with easygrip handles to allow quick restocking of dated product or cleaning of shelves.
  • Adjustable Width that tailors to a broader range of products, improves look and operation, allows re-use in new plan-o-grams and merchandising. Adjusts in 1/8″ increments.
  • Built-in Carry Handles to allow quick re-organizing of product categories, restocking or cleaning.
  • Built-in Ventilation to improve refrigeration air circulation.
  • Paddle Extension available for stability and better forwarding of tall or multi-tier products. Snaps onto paddle.
  • Top Tier Sidewall available for support and containment of tall or multi-tier products. Snaps onto sidewall.
  • Optional Label/Sign Holders offer a protected home for product and price information, improve product navigation and sales.
  • Optional Promotional Flag to improve product promotion navigation and sales.