The System That Sells – Gatefold Brochure

Maximize your merchandising space with Trion® WonderBar®. This brochure highlights the many ways to display products with the Trion® WonderBar® System, specifically: Dual Lane and Pouch Hook Merchandising,...
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Trion Swing Into Action

The Simplest, Lowest Priced Metal Scan Hook Available. Flip Scan® Label Holder swings-up, out-of-the-way yet falls back into view to display product information. For plain-paper or adhesive labels. Available...
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ScanLock® Hook Lock

Easy-to-use, inexpensive key lock system secures most common Scanning Hooks and even retrofits existing hooks in-store. Install locks alone or full lock-and-hook combinations. Prevents removal of any stock,...
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New Anti-Sweep Scan Hook - Budget Priced Theft Deterrence

Customer friendly scan hook design that deters high-volume shoplifting by allowing only one product to be removed easily at a time. Upturned hook tip and camel-back wire profile create a circuitous path...
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Triple Threat Backplate

Featuring an oversize Backplate to distribute heavy loads, this hybrid hook design is equally at home on Pegboard, Slatwall and Bar Merchandiser. ...
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El Nuevo Scanlock™ Reduce Los Robos

Fácil de usar, sistema de bloqueo de teclas de bajo costo asegura Ganchos de exploración más comunes e incluso modernizaciones ganchos existentes en las tiendas. Instale cerraduras independientes o...
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Double Duty Loss Prevention

Loss prevention equipment is going beyond catching the misdeeds of shoppers and employees. Cameras, monitors and other devices are also helping to improve customer service and identify operational issues....
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Defend Against Organized Retail Theft

Organized Retail Theft, or ORT, is a problem that the FBI estimates has reached over $30 billion in annual losses. Professional shoplifters or boosters work in teams to steal valuable re-marketable products....
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Anti-Sweep™ Hook (Ink Cartridges Featured)

Budget Priced Theft Deterrence. Trust the hook-makers at Trion to invent creative solutions to prevent mass theft and "sweeping" of merchandise. Anti-Sweep Hooks are the perfect low-cost way to cut theft...
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