2017 Shop! ROI Standards: Store Redesign Sponsored by Trion

In order to combat the alarming decline in the number of store visits, retailers need to motivate consumers to get out of their chairs and go to the store. Retailers need to focus on giving shoppers what...
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Find More Space in the Case – Frozen Buyer

A growing number of retailers are getting 20% more facings and 30% more dollar volume from existing display space. In recent trials, several retailers have achieved those numbers and more using Trion...
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SHOP! POP Compliance Rates & Best Practices

The store is a critical touch point to reach and influence consumers. 76% of all purchase decisions are made in-store, and 68% of all in-store purchases are impulse driven. So the store’s potential to...
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Talking with John S. Thalenfeld

An interview by Progressive Grocer, in which John Thalenfeld talks specifically about what today’s grocers are looking for in retail fixtures to achieve their sales goals, and how some of Trion’s offerings...
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Shelving in a Small World

How savvy retailers can offer more selection in tight spaces, while continuing to catch the eye of today's harried shopper. Innovative use of modern shelf fixture systems. Progressive Grocer, Equipment...
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Trion Improves Energy Efficiency

Trion Industries is saving more than 76% per year in total lighting costs through a construction-grade energy audit of the corporate headquarters, offices, manufacturing plant and shipping facility - then...
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Progressive Grocer: Fixtures that Make Retail Profitable

Now a top fixture manufacturer, Trion Industries' heritage is solidly based in retail and point-of-purchase. For prior to manufacturing, Trion's founders owned and operated a chain of retail stores in...
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Retail Wire: Winning at the Shelf

Now that the there are signs that the economy is easing up, grocery retailers are emerging from "hunker down" mode only to discover new competition from non-traditional retailers. Learn about Trion's recommendations...
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Frozen & Dairy Buyer: Walking Hy-Vee

Cover story interview with senior executives of Hy-Vee discussing everything from Category Captains, a concept they are growing away from, to display cases, hardware they are resizing. Trion is please...
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Case Study AMT™ - Gerrity's Supermarket

In a joint effort with Gerrity's Supermarkets, Trion tested its AMT™ Adjustable Merchandising Tray in a real world environment. Download and read Progressive Grocer's interview with Ron Godowski of Gerrity's...
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