Bagged Salad and Vegetable Merchandising

Guaranteed Freshness

Trion’s Wonder Bar System is the solution for your bagged salad and vegetable department. With open coolers a big issue many retailers have to overcome is the rising temperatures. Trion’s Air Flow System restricts the air and lowers the amount of air escaping from the front of the cooler; lowering your energy costs and maintaining a constant, safe temperature for your entire produce department.


Fresh Produce Merchandising Ideas

Trion manufactures bagged salad and vegetable merchandising systems that are shelf based and bar based. With countless benefits and endless accessories; Trion has the solution for you.

Nothing attracts shoppers better than fresh produce and nothing displays refrigerated produce better than Trion’s Tray and Bar Merchandising System. Face more packages, accommodate a wider range of shapes and sizes, restock easily and manage dated produce better.



  • Air flow baffles maintain product temperature and extend shelf life
  • Trays lift out for rear restocking and proper rotation.
  • Versatile spring tension is gentle on delicate produce.
  • Handles regular bags, pillow packs and gusseted bags.
  • Space gains allow better cross-merchandising.
  • Long-life, durable cooler-capable steel construction.
  • Add rows of additional product.


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