Case Studies

WonderBar Merchandiser works wonders at Bashas’ Supermarkets

After in-store testing, Bashas’ elects to install Trion WonderBar in every new store and major remodel in Candy, Gum, Cough Drop, and bagged Wall Deli Departments.

How to Turn 175 Supercenters on a Dime and Save $1 Million Per Year in the Process

If you owned and operated 175 supercenters, each of them 200,000 sq. ft covering a full line of grocery plus some 40 other departments ranging from electronics to lawn and garden and clothing, then you’d need a combined label and signage system that would let you respond to market demands at a moment’s notice.

Cooler Merchandising “Home Run” With Trion®WonderBar™ System

Trion tested its WonderBar Merchandising System in Fetch’s ShurSave Supermarket. David Fetch Jr. tells Progressive Grocer of the success of WonderBar in merchandising prepackaged meats and cheeses.

Creating the fixtures that make retail store operations efficient and profitable

Trion tested its AMT™ Adjustable Merchandising Tray in Gerrity’s Supermarkets. Ron Godowski of Gerrity’s tells Progressive Grocer of the success of AMT in merchandising Yogurt.