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Interview with David Fetch Jr. of Fetch’s ShurSave Supermarkets

Progressive Grocer

Cooler Merchandising “Home Run” With Trion®WonderBar™ System

Today, David Fetch Jr. and his two sons, David III and George, operate Fetch’s ShurSave® Supermarket in Plymouth, PA, nearly 85 years after Dave’s grandfather opened his meat market back in 1922.


“Our niche is definitely meat— both fresh cut meats and the smoked meat items that we make ourselves,” David Fetch Jr. explained. “We custom cut our meat, and we have a fabulous reputation as a result.” And, while the store has its own deli where meats and cheeses are individually cut for customers, it does sell prepackaged products for those in-arush shoppers who don’t want to wait to have their deli products cut to order. But such a prepackaged meat department must live up to the high expectations of customers used to being catered to in the deli.


Success requires smart merchandising, rigorous stock rotation for freshness and attractive, well-faced, customer- friendly product displays. That, of course, doesn’t just happen by itself.


A few months ago, Fetch decided to install the new WonderBar™ Merchandiser from Trion Industries, Inc., a coordinated system that can include display hooks, pusher hooks, expandable wire trays and even wire basket—all of which can be used in virtually any combination to accommodate changing planogram requirements.


  1. Q: What benefits are you experiencing from the WonderBar Merchandiser?
    The display is absolutely unbelievable. The case always has the appearance of a wall of products. Everything is organized, highly visible and extremely shopable. It is giving us exactly the results we were seeking. And the rotation and ease of stocking is great. Our employees love it.
  2. Q: You mentioned “ease of stocking” the case. Can you explain?
    The individual WonderBar Expandable Wire Trays (EWT) can be lifted out quickly, existing product positioned at the front, and the new product loaded at the rear of the tray. It virtually eliminates outdated product and it’s a breeze for employees to use. Since EWT is spring-loaded, the display is automatically faced for customers.
  3. Q: Where are you using the Pusher Hooks that are part of the WonderBar system?
    We’re using them for prepackaged lunch meats like bolognas, sliced ham, roast beef and turkey breast. In traditional displays these packages would virtually get lost in the case. Now, they are right there for the customer to see and to purchase.
  4. Q: Have you experienced sales increases as a result?
    In this part of the country,
    people prefer their deli meats and cheeses fresh-cut. Even so, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in sales of prepackaged deli meats and cheeses. And though we are in Lent and in winter, the off season for prepackaged, we’re definitely seeing strong sales. When summer rolls around and the cookout season is here, our prepackaged meat sales are going to go through the roof.
  5. Q: How is Trion’s system different from what you’ve been using in the past?
    Trion has really put a lot of time and R&D effort into these systems. They have obviously done it with the people who work in the cases and work with the shelves. In my opinion, they’ve hit a home run with all of these products. We use the EWTs low in the case and the pusher hooks at eye-level above—kind of a tiered effect. There is virtually no wasted space in the case. None. And the EWTs can be adjusted to fit virtually any size packaging. It is remarkable— and the case stays immaculate.
  6. Q: What plans do you have for using the system elsewhere in the store?
    Our next step will be to use it in the candy department. We’ve been using the old so-called “Oscar Mayer® bars,” which really were never meant for such use and really don’t give the right appearance. Trion WonderBar will allow us to do a vertical set with pusher hooks for bagged products like lifesavers, and slider trays for the boxed candies. Product will always be pushed out to the front, whether there are two or 22.
  7. Q: What other advantages does the system provide?
    The Clear Scan® and AdjustaView® plain paper labeling system has allowed us to reduce costs and be much more efficient. Plain paper labels just slide into place, and when the product is moved to another location, the label can easily go with it.
  8. Q: So I gather you would recommend Trion’s WonderBar Merchandising System to other supermarket operators?
    Absolutely. As I said before, they’ve hit a home run with this one.