Deli Pre-pack Stock Fixture

Custom Solution Becomes an Accepted Standard


Modifying the front of Trion® WonderBar® EWT ®Trays to accommodate packages of round bologna created a solution that is also adept at merchandising square, loaf and other shape deli prepacks.

This project demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of WonderBar® and EWT® Expandable Wire Trays as well as the advantages of working with a fixture manufacturer to create a specialized custom-from-stock solution. These often difficult to organize blister packs of circular bologna slices required a tailored, twin-post frontstop. Easy enough since Trion is responsible for all parts manufacture, tolerances, and assembly. But the new creation allowed even better presentation of square and loaf packs too. An entire new line of stock prepack meat displayers evolved in an instant from a custom need.

Best of all, the new line incorporates all the existing advantages of WonderBar and EWT: added facings and rows of product; increased sales; auto facing of items; lift-out design for easy rear restocking, and automatic product rotation to minimize shrink. Plus WonderBar System is interchangeable with all existing bar systems; mounts anywhere with Universal Mounts; and is so simple it allows reset of up to 48 facings in minutes. Versatile stock fixture … to custom concept … full circle to a complete new class of fixture in record time. WonderBar is deployed in candy, gum, cough, center store, auto, soft goods, bagged salads, and freezers and coolers across the industry. Can we create a new solution for your brand or wares?