Clear Scan® Adhesive Back for Flat Surfaces

Enhance Any Retail Environment

Clear Scan® Shelf Edge Labeling System Label Strips and Holders flex open at a touch for fast, drop-in labeling, then automatically spring shut to hold the label securely in place. This innovative approach allows use of inexpensive, easy-to-change, plain paper labels instead of hard-to-change, costly, messy adhesive stick-ons. With Clear Scan you can save time, effort and money, scan more accurately, renew the appeal of tired shelves, beautify, and even attract attention and promote sales storewide with patented Info Grip™ which allows placement of signs anywhere in an instant.
Upon request, Adhesive Label Holder for Flat Surfaces are available in a range of label heights and lengths as short as 2″. Ask your Trion representative about customizing a label holder to suit your need.
Standardly fitted with 1/2″ adhesive tape. Double adhesive tapes are standard on 2 3/4″ and 3″ high strips and holders. Foam or magnetic tape styles are available upon request, see the Adhesive Tape Information item later in this section of this catalog.
Bottom Loading, Front Mount Adhesive-back Labels load from the bottom, the top edge is sealed making it dust, dirt and spill proof.
Clear Scan Adhesive Back for Flat Surfaces

Ease of use:
Gentle pressure on the bottom flexes open the top of the strip for quick label changes. When released, the strip springs completely closed, securing the label in place.
Enhance any environment:
From discount chain to boutique, drugstore to supermarket, Clear Scan can improve operations, image and sales.
Faster labeling & scanning:
The ease of label changes and wear-resistant clear front save you time, labor, and money throughout the process.
Durable and flexible:
The advanced PVC construction retains “memory” and shape, resists yellowing, darkening and aging, increases safety, and lasts for years. Clear Scan is clearly superior™.
Eye-catching colors:
Attract attention and motivate impulse buying with Clear Scan. Match or contrast existing shelves, fly the corporate colors throughout the chain, or even color-code individual departments to communicate a unique “sense of place”.
Beautify and renew:
The vast assortment of Clear Scan colors and sizes allow you to renew tired shelving or beautify economically. And they last longer and look better than painted shelves.
Unsurpassed range of sizes, styles and lengths:
Size to fit your existing label system, or use oversize Clear Scan strips to make your labels even more visible and compelling.
Unmatched shelf compatibility:
Clear Scan mounts directly to all popular makes of metal, wire, glass and wood shelving. Choose from magnetic, adhesive or clip-on for all your label strip, label holder and small-scale sign applications.
Storewide Labeling System:
Clear Scan for electronic labels, Flip Scan® and Clear Scan® Scanning Hooks, hinged shelf talkers that call out for attention, sign holders and clips, Clear Scan for freezers and much more turn your Clear Scan into a total scanning and communication tool.
Improved readability:
The see-through front with protective roof overhang shields your labels from dirt, spills, moisture and wear. Labels last longer, read easier and scan more accurately.
Improved label viewing:
Employ shallow angle strips on low shelves to tilt your message up; or utilize steep angle holders on high shelves for direct, eye-level viewing. Clear Scan can actually improve the visibility of your labels.
Clear Scan® Colors Standard color is Clear front with Clear back.
Common colors are Black, White and Beige. Custom colors are Red, Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow and Silver.

Grab Attention from Any Angle with Clear Scan
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