Display and Scan Hooks


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Display hooks can only display product and are without any provision for labels or signs. Scanning hooks have mounts for label and sign holders allowing the posting of product and promotional information. There are a wide variety of different label holder systems for Scan Hooks, each with its own benefits. Beyond basic Display and Scan Hooks are a host of specialty fixtures including J- hooks, Utility and Broom Hooks, Pin-up Hooks, Strip Merchandisers and more for wall and shelf edge product display.





Hook Varieties:

  • Single Prong Hooks
  • FISH Tip Scanning Hooks
  • Loop Hooks
  • Flip-Scan Hooks
  • Quick Back Hooks

Hook Display Surfaces: Vertical display surfaces for hooks include pegboard, slatwall and slatgrid, end cap and power wing, wire grid, bar and cross bar, corrugated (cardboard), perforated metal, plastic panel, Uniweb, gondola uprights, pallet rack face, and C-channel and other shelf edges. Some hooks are multipurpose and can attach to more than one surface. Others are available in separate styles for each surface, or can be modified to mount to any surface you choose. Our catalog is organized by display surface, while the potential uses of multipurpose hooks is specifically noted throughout.
Straight Entry: Fixture solutions range from simple to sophisticated. For some users the simplest, lowest cost solution is correct. Merchandising is low key and cost is held down with inexpensive fixtures. Other retailers maximize sales through savvy merchandising, refreshing displays, seasonal selling, and tight, no-wasted-space planograms. For sophisticated retailing, straight entry hooks, articulated plain- paper label holders, built-in sign clips and other strategies boost sales more than the increase in fixture cost. Straight entry hooks, for example, mount directly to the board without the need for extra clearance above to insert the hook.
Straight entry hooks therefore maximize product density, provide easy mounting and relocation of stocked hooks in tight places, under shelves or in fully loaded displays, and speed re-merchandising and display changeover. Straight entry hooks can be of two-piece, one-piece, or two-piece pre-assembled design, depending upon your need. Similarly plain paper label holders and built-in sign clips lower labor and material costs while allowing rapid change of promotions and response to competition and marketplace desires. When purchasing fixtures you should weigh cost against merchandising features and increased sales. Trion is always willing to provide fixture samples. Under some circumstances store trials are warranted and recommended. Our hooks are manufactured from premium quality, polished, galvanized wire. This gives our product a long-lasting, highly polished appearance.

To help you understand our catalogue, a chart is shown with wire diameters. The hook dimensions and parts referred to throughout our catalogue are also detailed.

11 ga. .120 3.06
9 ga. .148 3.77
3/16 1.87 4.76
4 3/4 ga. .212 5.38
4 ga. .225 5.72
1/4 .250 6.35
5/16 .312 7.92
3/8 .375 9.52