EWT™ Expandable Wire Tray™ System

EWT™ Trays For standard shelving, wire shelving, table top, freezers and coolers. Tall Product Shelf Based EWT Tray • Pegboard, slatwall & crossbar
  versions available.

• Extended height paddles
  support tall items.

• Clear, Imprinted or Open Wire
  Front Product Stops
Shelf Based EWT Tray
EWT™ Trays For standard shelving, wire shelving, table top, freezers and coolers. • Accommodates any style or size
  package adjusting from
  5″ to 12″ lane width.

• Vends oversize items like pizza.

• Label can be adhered to
  pusher for branding or
  restocking information.
Extrawide Shelf Based Tray Merchandiser Shelf Based Tray Merchandiser
Dual Lane EWT™
for Shelf Mount
Shelf Based Mini Dual Lane EWT Tray Shelf Based Dual Lane EWT Tray • Accepts two narrow items
  side by side.

• Separate paddle to push each item
  forward individually in its own lane.

• Great for cross merchandising.
New Molded
Pusher Paddles
• Regular or locking option

• Cooler / freezer capable

• Handles heavier product

• Greater strength and durability

• Easy to retrofit to existing trays
  in store
Shelf Based EWT Pusher Tray Shelf Based EWT Locking Pusher Tray Paddle with Lock
New Locking
Pusher Paddle
• Load to release function

• Easy locking
  and unlocking action

• Lock design protects against
  accidental release effect

• Will not accidently lock,
  insures ongoing auto feed

• Color coded lock for
  easy identification

• Low friction / easy glide
Shelf Based EWT Locking Pusher Tray Shelf Based EWT Locking Pusher Tray

Expandable Wire Tray (EWT)

  • Powder-coated galvanized wire with Celcon plastic adaptor blocks, offering economy and long life even in harsh environments.
  • A low-cost metal alternative to plastic tray systems.
  • The system is manufactured in multiple depths from 11” to 22”.
  • For standard shelving, wire shelving, table counter top, freezers and coolers.
  • Pegboard & slatwall versions available.
  • Several Mounting options including tray clips, wire ties, double sided tape, anti-skid pads or rail system.
  • Labels can be adhered to pusher for branding or restocking information.
  • An economical, adjustable system, allowing custom configuration when necessary.
  • Open wire design promotes air circulation, sheds dust and dirt.
  • Quick drop-in, one-piece installation
  • Accommodates any style or size package with lane widths from 1 ¾”-17” available.
  • Front Product Stops. Optional printed fronts stops allow for branding and identification.
  • Dual lane trays available for narrow items.
  • NEW molded paddles now available in both locking and non locking versions.

Adhesive, Pushbutton, Label Holder & Rails
Many rail designs available including low profile adhesive, pushbutton mount, clear product stop, & label holder rails.
Freestanding, Wire Tie, Tape, or Anti-skid Pad Mount
Units may be free standing, wire tied, tape mounted or equipped with anti-skid pads to resist movement.
Clear, Imprinted or Open Wire Front Product Stops
Wire stops provide strength, easy visibility, and air circulation in cooler applications. Clear plastic stops available imprinted.
Extended Height Paddles
Large paddles support tall items. Branding, stocking, and cross selling messages possible via pressure sensitive labels or pad printing. Designed for changeable top-header messages.
Five Spring Tensions & Ganging Possibilities
Five spring tensions are available, plus the unique ability to mount multiple springs per pusher.

Expandable Wire Tray System
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