Molded Pusher Paddle


Molder Pusher Paddle

  • Handles heavier product
  • Greater strength and durability
  • Cooler / freezer capable
  • Low friction / easy glide performance
  • Can accommodate up to three springs
  • Four engagement points for stability
  • Easy to retrofit to existing trays in store


Standard Tray Molded Pusher

Molded Pusher for grocery and non-grocery products. The Molded Pusher comes in a variety of sizes for all product heights.

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Dual Lane Tray Molded Pusher

Molded Pusher for Dual Lane Trays gives the opportunity to display products with a slim width. Molded Pusher for Dual Lance Trays allows for multiple items and cross selling products to be displayed adjacently and still present a bill boarded appearance to the customer.

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