Quick Back® Hooks

Fast, Two-Piece, Straight-entry Hook

Speed set up, display more facings, re-merchandise with ease and boost your sales and profits with Quick Back®. Straight Entry allows easy insertion and removal of full or empty hooks in tight places, under shelves, or within fully loaded displays. Choose from popular label holder mount options. Completely compatible and interchangeable with other manufacturers pegboard and slatwall hooks at lower cost.
Only Trion® Quick Back® offers you a choice of fronts for all popular label systems including traditional Metal Plate Holders; Southern-Imperial-style and other right-angle Holders; and both plain-paper and adhesive labels. Plus Quick Back® integrates with Clear Scan® Labeling Systems for C-channel, shelf edge, wire basket, refrigerated area as well as scan hook. Straight Entry Quick Back® Hooks maximize product density, provide easy mounting and relocation of stocked hooks in tight places, under shelves or in fully loaded displays, and speed re-merchandising and display changeover.


Right Angle Holders

New thinner profile and quality materials improve appearance, flexes open easily yet grips plain paper labels firmly.

Flip Scan® Label Holders

Flips up, then falls back into full view. Flexes open at a touch for plain paper labels. Adhesive label style available.

Plastic or Metal Backplates

Plastic color coded. Metal embossed with diameter for .187″ .212″ & .250″ wire. Metal Backplate for .250″ wire is extra heavy gauge.
Quick Back Hooks

Speed set up … Re-merchandise with ease
Two piece design makes set up a breeze. Pop in the quick-mount Backplate, twist on the wire and click down. Your hook is set securely yet separates easily to reset.


Display more facings … Sell more product
Straight entry allows easy insertion and removal of full or empty hooks in tight places, under shelves, or within fully loaded displays.


Hook and Component Compatibility assured
Costs far less yet all Quick Back® Hooks are completely compatible and interchangeable with other manufacturer’s hooks. Hooks and individual components may be inter-mixed on the same panel without obvious difference to the consumer. Individual components retrofit right angle style hooks of similar wire diameter, and remain completely compatible with planograms employing these styles.


More Label Holder and Backplate Choices
Choose from plastic or metal backplates that fit standard 1/4″ pegboard and slatwall. Also choose from four popular label holder styles including Flip Scan® Label Holders, versatile FISH® Tip Label holders, Metal Plate label holders, and other right angle style label holders.


Save on Labor and Materials
Available for traditional adhesive labels or delivers savings of up to 65% on labels and 75% on labor through conversion to plain paper label systems with a Return on Investment of less than 1 year.

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