ScanLock® Scan Hook Lock

Protect Your Merchandise

Easy-to-use, inexpensive key-lock system that secures most common Scan Hooks, and even retrofits existing hooks in-store. Install locks alone to retrofit your existing inventory of Scan Hooks, or full lock-and-hook combinations in your choice of hook and label holder styles. ScanLock® secures scan hooks with wire diameters ranging from 0.212″ to 0.250″ and approximately 1″ frontwire spacing. Minimal cost to implement into any plan-o-gram, unlike other solutions.
ScanLock Scan Hook Lock

Simple swing-aside access to items; no need to remove the lock to sell product. Hooks and product stay neat and organzied. Locks cannot be mislayed or lost.


Two options for security and access: ScanLock® can prevent the removal of any stock from the hook, or can display 1 or 2 items unlocked while the balance of stock is locked and held secure. Prevents mass theft and “sweeping” of items.


Trouble-free design relocks without the key. Open several hooks for hands on selling to customers, replace items and re-lock in an instant without fumbling with a key.


Loss prevention and loss control are important concepts in any modern retail business model. Shoplifting and pilferage are a serious drag on growth. Shrink and shrinkage reduce not only inventory but profit and cash flow. Organized Retail Theft (ORT) and shoplifting are not restricted to the worst neighborhoods and poorest segments of society. Middle class and even upper class shoppers can be prone to steal. Theft crosses all demographic boundaries. Anti-theft locking and security fixtures can play an important role in your operations.

ScanLock® Hook Lock
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Cut Theft, Boost Profit
Defend Against Organized Retail Theft
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