Company Surprises Employee With Her Military Grandson for the Holidays Before Deployment

By. Inside Edition


Donna Schreffler couldn’t contain her emotions when she realized her grandson, a member of the Air Force stationed 1,900 miles away, showed up at her job to surprise her for the holidays before his deployment began.
Schreffler, who has worked at Trion Industries in Pennsylvania for 20 years, didn’t think she would see her 23-year-old grandson, Corey Schreffler, before he is deployed to South Korea in January.
Corey is stationed in New Mexico and because Schreffler doesn’t fly, she didn’t think she would be able to see him before he left.
But Schreffler’s boss and her daughter had other plans, conspiring to fly Corey home to see his beloved grandmother for the holidays.
Schreffler’s boss, John Thalenfeld, called the grandmother into his office earlier this week for the surprise.
“When I walked in, my daughter was there and I thought something happened,” Schreffler said. “When I turned, there he was. It took me half the day just to regain my composure. I was overwhelmed.”
She said she’ll be spending every day with her grandson until he leaves on the day after Christmas.
“It’s nice to be nice to people,” Thalenfeld told “I still cry when I see the video. I’ve probably watched it 100 times.”

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