Candy Merchandising

The Sweetest Profits

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Who doesn’t like increased profits? With Trion you can have both! Trion’s candy merchandising system makes your profits sweeter. Merchandising everything from single candy bars to oversize bags of miscellaneous candy. Increase your facings and enhance the appearance of your candy department today.


Sweeten Your Sales

Thin, wide, tall, short or oversize; Trion has endless configurations to ensure your product is displayed properly. No matter the packaging, no matter the display surface Trion has the merchandising system for you.

When it comes to impulse buying, imagine how a substantial gain in product variety can boost sales. By enabling you to display hooked and tray packages–as well as tall, wide and heavy products–Wonder Bar helps you maximize the graphic impact of manufacturers’ colorful package designs.



  • Dual lane tray accepts two narrow items for side-by-side merchandising.
  • Specialized front stops add support.
  • Seamlessly integrate signage into your display for better presentation and navigation.
  • Reduced losses from bag hook tear out.
  • Adds 25-35% more product in 12′ set.
  • Draw traffic to center aisle candy.
  • Great for large lay-down bags, gum, gusseted bags, large family packs, candy bars, licorice, novelty candy, theater packs and specially packed seasonal favorites.
  • Consistently better product presentation with less labor time spent facing.


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