Global Strategy

Intercontinental Partnering in an Era of Global Competition

The concept of a global economy is now accepted by everyone from the man in the street to the sophisticated economic pundits of Wall Street. Everything from the fierce competition for the tiniest increase in incremental sales to the daily fluctuations of the interdependent stock markets further proves the point … all is now global.


A few short years ago, “partnering” meant working with your local vendor or that supplier a few miles down the interstate. Integrating computer systems speeded orders from the vendor, and just-in-time manufacturing allowed timely delivery to the final customer. Companies worked together to achieve improved efficiencies and economies of scale.


Under a global economy, partnering has moved to a new order of magnitude, and economies are measured on a grand scale. Now the alliances are not merely down the street or across the state. Partnering is now intercontinental, because the markets truly have become global. And the partnerships being formed are between world-class powers … firms with advanced skills to offer, and the need for strong allies to penetrate markets and exploit new niches worldwide.


As with other global players, Trion Industries invites partnerships with suppliers and distributors across the globe. Trion currently maintains highly successful partnerships in Australia and the Asian Pacific, Canada and Mexico; sourcing relationships in Asia; and is capable of other ventures worldwide.


Trion is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of display and scanning hooks and one of the top 50 retail and point-of-purchase fixture manufacturers in the United States. The firm revolutionized merchandising with the introduction of the first straight-entry display hook in 1965, and has since earned over 120 United States and international patents for point-of-purchase innovations. The company’s 500,000 square foot computerized production facilities feature the greatest number of automated wire forming machines of any factory complex in the industry. A specialist in sophisticated coextrusion, Trion has the capability to produce over 450 plastic profiles on site, with the capacity to manufacture 230,000 linear feet per day.