Environmental Stewardship


A Green Company

Trion is proud to have always been in the forefront of environmentally conscious business operations. In 2014, Trion was added to the PPL Electric Utilities E-power® Energy-Smart Business Honor Roll in recognition of our energy-saving efforts. Within the last 2 years, Trion undertook the replacement of existing metal halide, sodium vapor, and fluorescent light fixtures with energy efficient fluorescents. The majority of lighting circuits at our Route 315 warehouse were put on sensors reducing energy consumption by 50% at that facility. Lights at the main plant and headquarters on Laird Street were replaced reducing energy consumption from 1,500,000 Kwh to 625,000 Kwh annually. Laird Street warehouse space, box making area, and offices were equipped with motion or heat activated lights to reduce energy consumption when these areas are unoccupied.


The total decrease in air pollution and environmental damage resulting from energy improvements is equivalent to a reduction of 2 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide, over 3 million grams of Sulfur Dioxide, and nearly 8 million grams of Nitrogen Oxides annually. Removing these pollutants from the atmosphere has the same effect on the environment as planting 300 acres of trees each year, removing 200 cars from the road each year, or saving 125,000 gallons of gasoline each year following the completion of the improvements.


Trion has been offering powder coating of point-of-purchase and retail fixtures as an alternative to chrome plating for many years. Powder coating uses no caustic chemicals, consumes less energy, and has no heavy-metals residue. We presently employ natural enzymes as degreasing agents, have reduced water consumption, and can run our lines at 40 degrees lower temperature saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.


Trion has printed its catalog on recycled paper stock for decades. Look for the “Recycled Paper” logo on the back cover of all Trion catalogs.


Trion conscientiously recycles metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, chemicals, over 1,000 gallons of lubricating oil annually and even printer cartridges.


Our cooler and freezer shelf management systems keep items faced forward, speeding selection of items by consumers, and literally reducing the amount of time display case doors are open with resultant energy savings. Trion also pioneered plain-paper labeling systems in the United States, eliminating the cost and environmental impact of adhesive-backed labels. Trion maintains standing Energy Efficiency and Alternate Power Source committees to search for new ways of being more efficient, environmentally friendly, and manufacture at the lowest possible cost.