Celebrating A Half-Century of Fixture Expertise

For fifty years, Trion Industries has been manufacturing products that provide targeted merchandising solutions for retail businesses. The earliest concepts ranged from simple one-piece to sophisticated, articulated, straight-entry pegboard hooks.

The company’s 500,000 square-foot computerized production facilities feature the greatest number of automated wire forming machines of any factory complex in the industry and houses extensive plastic co-extruders capable of extruding up to four dissimilar materials into one profile with downstream assembly, cutting, punching and packing. The site also features welding machines, computer-controlled progressive die stamping presses rated at up to 80 tons, punching, blanking, drilling, coldheading, automated assembly, sophisticated small-parts packaging capabilities, modern powder coating facilities, computer-tracked warehousing, expedited order-handling and support for just-in-time manufacturing.
This new equipment; in combination with a fine workforce; loyal, long-term experienced employees; and a dedicated supervisory staff are responsible for Trion’s ongoing success.