Zip Track® Merchandising Solution

Push Your Sales to the Front

Trion is pleased to introduce our new Zip Track universal adjustable beverage merchandising system. Our new system accommodates the vast package types and sizes in the ever- evolving beverage category. This revolutionary solution includes:

  • Adjustable width to accommodate full categories via one system
  • Front and rear load options
  • Variable depths to better accommodate specific needs
  • Second spring option to optimize pushing of overly heavy products
  • Store-wide merchandising consistency (checkstand; juice; salad dressings; produce; dry grocery; beverage coolers; beer; wine; milk/creamer; etc…)
  • Just click it or zip it at the desired width to lock lanes in place

Zip Track was designed and perfected for single serve beverages. Merchandising isn’t a ‘One Size Fits Most’, it’s an art form that takes expertise and passion. Zip Track’s lanes are individually sized to fit your product and the lanes snap together for a continuous row of constantly fronted product. Bottles come in all shapes and sizes and they can create a horror story when they are not properly merchandised; installing Trion’s newest merchandising system will keep your products organized in their lanes and lower the amount of labor and time it takes to restock and organize your single serve beverages. Whether merchandising in coolers or on dry shelves, Zip Track’s high quality construction ensures it’s durable even in the harshest of conditions.


  • Adjustable Single Serve Beverage
  • Solution for Other Categories
  • Adjustable for Various Sizes
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Easier Shopability
  • Cut Labor Costs
  • Increase Sales
  • Self Facing


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