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Only Trion WonderBar offers one solution that enables you to consistently face and easily stock virtually any product —hardware, soft goods, coffee, dry goods, air fresheners, light bulbs, pet treats and anything else your customers demand—and increase sales for any category.
Accommodates boxes, bags, pillow packs, gusseted bags, bottles, clam shells, blister packs, and round, square and oval tubs. Trays adjust from 5 1/2″ to 10″ wide, and lift out for easy rear restocking.
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No Tools Installation: Simple design allows for one man installation in as little as one-tenth the time of tool-requiring, threaded fasteners. Universal Mounts quickly fit into both thick- and thin-walled gondolas, coolers and freezers.
Multiple-Depth Trays: As many as 11 standard tray depths ranging from 15″ to 24″ are available to fit your exact merchandising needs. You can even “waterfall” trays in order to utilize all of your space while not interfering with the air flow curtain in open front coolers.
Adjustable Width Trays: Trays adapt to fit the width of
virtually all products and package styles with Oversize, Standard, Dual and Mini Trays accommodating widths from 2 3/4″ all the way up to 171/2″. No other system offers a comparable range!
Shelf Trays: Metal or wire sided trays include pre-installed front and rear anti-skid pads to be used directly on shelves. Our bar trays can also readily swap from shelf to bar as needed.
Quick Replanogramming: Instant lift-out trays speed planogram changes and re-merchandising. Reset as many as 48 facings in as little as 15 minutes. Swap and rearrange facings, and easily create new cross-sells and adjacencies.
Integrated Sign Holder: Horizontal and Vertical Sign holder systems allow easy categorization and promotion of products. Signing features an alignment bridge insuring consistent presentation across long displays.
Tray Label Holders: Tray Label Holders are available to support drop-in, slide-in, and promo clip bib tag labels. All Holders snap directly to the front of all tray styles and sizes.
Spring Tensions: Six spring tensions and up to three mount positions in Standard Trays allow multiple combinations to fine tune push strength to any package style or product weight.
Pusher Heights: Functionality is enhanced with 9 standard pusher paddles sizes up to 63/4″ tall, with dual paddle configurations possible for Oversize or Dual Lane Trays. Imprinted paddles available.
Product Stops: Six standard product stops address your every need with special solutions and adaptors for more demanding package sizes and shapes.
Side Wall Extenders: Side Wall Extenders quickly snap-on to standard metal sidewalls to create taller lanes, better contain tall or oversize packages, and corral stacked items.
Lift-out Rear Loading: Minimize shrink, radically cut stocking labor, and guarantee freshness and customer satisfaction with easy lift-out trays. Load new stock at the back of the tray to insure proper product rotation.


    Benefits of WonderBar Tray

  • Solid side bar trays can be used either on bars or shelves; wire trays for shelf use also available.
  • Hybrid locking anti-sweep hook deters theft.
  • Adjustable tray width addresses the demands of bags, boxes, clamshells, blister packs and oversize packages.
  • Keeps entrees, dinners, bagged and boxed vegetables, novelties and large packages upright, faced and billboarded.
  • Better visibility and shopability; reduces door openings by 25% and saves energy.
  • Trays lift out for rear restocking and proper rotation.
  • Typically adds 2 rows of product; optimizes merchandising space.
  • Versatile spring tension is gentle on delicate produce.
  • Long-life, durable cooler-capable steel construction.
  • Handles regular bags, pillow packs and gusseted bags.
  • Reduced losses from bag hook tearout.
  • Specialized front stops add support.
Trion® WonderBar®: The System That Sells™
World’s Most Versatile Bar Merchandiser System
WonderBar® – El Sistema de Exhibidores de Barra más Versátil del Mundo
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