For fifty years, Trion Industries has been manufacturing products that provide targeted merchandising solutions for retail businesses. The earliest concepts ranged from simple one-piece to sophisticated, articulated, straight-entry pegboard hooks. Today Trion fields full lines of auto-feed shelf management systems, cooler and freezer merchandising systems, storewide labeling systems, anti-theft and security fixtures, bar merchandisers, display and scanning hooks, and point-of-purchase display components and hardware. These are just a few of the tens of thousands of different products the company has created since it was founded in 1965.
Retailers turn to Trion Industries to find solutions that make their operations more efficient, reduce labor, save money, and increase sales and profit. Whether utilizing one of the company’s 117 patented ideas, 25,000 stock items, or requesting a custom solution to fit a specific need, Trion’s full-service facilities provide everything from design, tool and die making, prototyping, manufacture, assembly, and computerized warehousing to just-in-time shipping. An experienced staff and expert quality control ensure the finest products at the best price for their customers. A half-century of success and service have resulted in Trion being honored by its peers as one of America’s top twenty fixture manufacturers and top fifty retail and point-of-purchase fixture manufacturers.